Infinite Light has closed

Upon having her first child, the time has come to release Infinite Light. It has been an astounding journey for all involved, and we hope you stay in touch as you pursue your Ayahuasca journey in your perfect setting:)

Luco continues to work out in his village, as well as moonlighting at other centers. Please contact me at for his personal contact information.

Meghan also supports guests of Chakra Alegria de Amor, a permaculture/Ayahuasca retreat center that just opened deep in the isolation of the rainforest. Along with a beautiful and comfortable property, they offer isolation diets for Sanango and Ajo Sacha (as well as the option to diet other Medicinal plants for mild ailments.) They grow much of their own Medicine, and focus heavily on replanting and sustainability, and offer work trades as well. While I have never worked with their shamen, I do know the coordinators personally and they have the right intentions and integrity for the job! Definitely worth a peek! Also they are ASL/Deaf friendly:)

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Also check out her professional writing pages,, and Meghan Shannon Harvey page on Facebook.  She also will be continuing her Life Apprenticeship Blog, so if you would like, please follow her at for more resources.

Here are a few articles and blogposts that may interest you for the time being. Sending mucho amor to everyone!!!

Peace and Love:)